1) How do you bill for your service?

A) Hourly rate: In compliance with the medical practitioner.

B) Monthly rate: Given a 3 month trial and adjusting rate in compliance with the medical practitioner, depending on workload.

C) Percentage: Agreement of percentage on total of paid claims.

2) What software program are you using?

Medinet-PAR Billing

3) How much do I pay for the Medinet-PAR Billing Software?

The software package is considered included in the payment agreement.

4) How do I get my daily billings to you?

A) Office billings – can be faxed to us at anytime of the day in the form of daysheets.

B) Hospital billings – can be left in your hospital box to be picked up when needed.  You must notify us via e-mail or telephone.

C) Priority Billing is willing to pick up your billing on a daily basis Monday to Friday,  and weekends/holidays as per request.