1. Daily billing pick ups at the hospital or office.

2. Daily processing of billings, submitting all claims to MSP, Blue Cross, other medical Insurance companies, Federal, Private, Reciprocal Claims, WCB and submitting all WCB form fees electronically within the submitted time frames,all according to the Guidelines of BCMA and MSP.

3. Regularly contacting physicians and supplying them with their daily shift totals, and submission totals.  As well as reminders of up-coming cut off dates.

4. Processing mid month and end month Remittance Reports and keeping you informed on payments made on the processed dates.

5. Contacting physicians and informing them of outstanding unpaid claims from all Insurance providers. Keeping you up-to-date on paid out claims, and following up on unpaid claims!

6. Resubmitting all rejected claims, following up on their status, and liaising with MSP in regard to their explanation codes. Reviewing all adjusted claims, being held claims, and ensuring proper payment is followed up. Providing MSP with patient medical reports as needed to reconcile claims.

7. Providing you with all the initial forms to register with MSP; applications for Teleplan services, assuring you have direct payment to your personal or incorporated accounts. Handling of all initial set up and sign-on to Priority Billing data centre number.

8. Providing all physicians with year end Account Summary Reports.

9. Review of Accounts Receivable Reports.

10. Delivery of all Federal payments,Blue Cross, and private bills, directly to your mail slots.

11. Phoning patients or their physicians for obtaining patient details.

12. Following up on private bills and submitting to the Collection Agency when needed.