Compliance of Physician Deadlines

Meeting all billing cut off dates, ensuring all your claims are submitted according to the MSP close-off dates.

Processing all Provider Claims

Daily processing of billings to all insurance providers such as MSP, Medavie Blue Cross, Work Safe B.C., Federal, Government of Canada, private patients, all medical insurance companies etc.

Electronic billing of all Work Safe forms, to ensure form fees will be submitted within the allotted time frame.

Electronic billing for Medavie Blue Cross, to ensure fast payment of claims!

Patient Claim Reports

Daily shift totals of all patient care, Claim Reports provided upon request.

Physician Financial Reports

Processing of mid month and end month Remittance Reports. Providing you with bi-monthly payment.

Year end Account Summary Reports

Non-MSP Summary Reports

Yearly medical billing receipt, for billing services.

Rejection Re-Submissions

Resubmitting all rejected claims, following up on their status, and liaising with MSP in regard to their explanation codes. Reviewing all adjusted claims, being held claims, and ensuring proper payment is followed up. Providing MSP with patient medical reports as needed to reconcile claims to ensure payment.

Following up on private insurance companies for your submitted invoices to ensure payment.


A) Hourly rate: In compliance with the medical practitioner.

B) Percentage: Agreement of percentage on total of paid claims.

The software package is considered included in the payment agreement, for full-time physicians only.

A) Office billings – can be faxed to us at anytime of the day in the form of daysheets.

B) Hospital billings – It is recommended that your billing gets in your hospital mailbox after each shift, for fast processing of all your billing, and quick results of your daily totals.

C) Priority Billing picks up your billing twice a week, and extra days nearing the cut off dates to accommodate you!

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